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Author hlellelid
Full name Hans Lellelid
Date 2004-04-09 07:20:30 PDT
Message Hi Matt--

> I found a syntax error, a very trivial mistake, in the manual under
> Many to Many relationships there is a missing `>' after `<table'. If I
> check out the cvs can I update the manual as I find errors or should I
> just report them via the mailing list?

Absolutely feel free to fix any errors you find (in manual or
elsewhere). It's also fine to submit bug reports, but in many cases it
might be just faster to fix it yourself & commit. All we ask is that if
you are fixing something that might break existing code (obviously
doesn't apply to the manual), send out a note to dev at propel dot tigris dot org
first to double check. But really -- a very relaxed policy on
committing to CVS. It is, afterall, CVS and we can rollback if
something breaks. Mostly we're just really grateful for any help & have
no desire to make it difficult or beaurocratic for people to help out.

I granted you 'developer' role on the project so that you can commit to
the CVS repository.


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