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Author hlellelid
Full name Hans Lellelid
Date 2004-04-12 13:25:27 PDT
Message Hi Matt,

> I've noticed a trend in the propel where problems that will occur in
> insert-sql are not shown as errors/warnings during the phing build
> phase. Is this just missing error handling or is there some other
> reason?

Well if you mean that you don't see the errors until you run the
'insert-sql' target, then yeah -- this is known. The SQL isn't actually
run against the database until you run 'insert-sql', so some things (like
the previous INDEX()) issue won't be caught until then.

However, there are some schema errors that should be caught before hand.
>From the subject of the message, it sounds like the problem you're
referring to (duplicate pkey) could/should be caught. There is a method
that is run at the end of loading the schema (I believe in
phing/PropelDataModelTask.php) that should throw exceptions on obvious
errors. We just need to add other tests in that method.


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