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[propel-dev] Phing Problem With PHP5 Beta3


Author agent911
Full name David Giffin
Date 2003-12-21 11:47:49 PST
Message Hi Hans,

I think maybe the preg_replace_callback() function changed in php5 b3.
Here is the error I'm seeing:

    Warning: preg_replace_callback(): requires argument 2,
    'self::replaceProper​tyCallback', to be a valid callback in
    /usr/local/phing/cla​sses/phing/parser/Pr​ojectConfigurator.ph​p on line 202

Not sure the is this is php5 b3 specific but I'm also getting:

    [Exception in XML parsing]
    exception 'reflection_exception' with message 'Class FileSet does not
    exist' in /usr/local/phing/cla​sses/phing/Introspec​tionHelper.php:244


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[propel-dev] Phing Problem With PHP5 Beta3 agent911 David Giffin 2003-12-21 11:47:49 PST
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