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Help a propel 1.3 project win USD$300,000 with a quick web vote


Author Alan Pinstein <apinstein at mac dot com>
Full name Alan Pinstein <apinstein at mac dot com>
Date 2008-04-30 08:01:08 PDT
Message HI All-

I've been a propel user and community member for about 3 years now,
and am using propel on about 5-6 projects.

My latest project is a new business, Neybor.com, and we have entered
it in a business plan competition in Atlanta, GA.

If we win, we get $300,000 to fund the business.

We can ensure our place in the semi-finals by being one of the top
two vote getters in a video "elevator pitch" contest.

The voting ends TODAY, and I just found out that the top 4 places are
separated by only 16 votes, so I am doing my best to get as many
votes as possible.

Neybor.com is of course being built with propel 1.3. We're also doing
advanced stuff, like using propel with PostGIS, ltree columns, and
inherited tables. We hope to launch it in a couple of months.

I am trying to push our vote totals to the top, and am reaching out
to people that might be able to vote for us. I checked with Hans, and
he said it'd be cool if I sent this to the list. Certainly I'd
appreciate any vote I can get, if you have a quick moment
available... it only takes a few seconds, and if you do want to watch
the video about the project, it's only 60 seconds long.

We are entry #21 (Neybor.com) on this page... click the red "VOTE
HERE" at the bottom to vote for us:

option=com_content​&task=view&id=​33&Itemid=137_ <http://

I really appreciate the support!

Alan Pinstein
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