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[propel] (non-breaking) date/time accessor change


Author hlellelid
Full name Hans Lellelid
Date 2004-03-11 08:18:36 PST
Message Hello all -

I went ahead & committed the changes that I proposed yesterday for
date/time accessors. This should not break any existing code, since by
default the get*() methods for date/time cols will return the same
formatted date as the ResultSet->get*() methods that were originally
populating the values.

Please visit http://propel.phpdb.​org/wiki/Development​/DevLog to see some
examples of how to use the new features, and one notable side-effect
related to getting values on an unsaved generated object.

Hopefully this doesn't break anything (it really shouldn't) and just makes
life easier for everyone.

I also added a date test section to the bookstore-test.php script to make
sure it's working properly. Seems like everything is happy.


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[propel] (non-breaking) date/time accessor change hlellelid Hans Lellelid 2004-03-11 08:18:36 PST
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