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Re: [propel] Adding Class Typing to Objects


Author hlellelid
Full name Hans Lellelid
Date 2004-04-13 07:07:38 PDT
Message Hi Matt,

> I'd like to add some of these changes myself - once I figure out where
> and how. If I manage to add hints I'll add a flag to default.properties
> to enable/disable hints so we can benchmark it later. During the
> testing phase of an application this feature would be very useful. Once
> the application is ready for production the user could modify the
> properties file and turn class hints off and run phing again.

Well, your help is very welcome :) For this case you'll want to look in
the Object.tpl file in templates/om/php5/ directory. In particular there
should be a big loop related to foreign key stuff. Adding the class hint
is probably going to look something like:

public function set<?php echo $tableFK->getPhpName() ?>(<?php echo
$tableFK->getPhpName() ?> $v)

I didn't actually look at the template, but I'm guessing it'll look
roughly like that.

We could just add it for now w/o worrying about needing to shut it off. I
agree that this would be a nice feature for production, but we could
always add a propel.disableClasshints property later that would turn them
off. In the beginning it might be simpler to just always have them.


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Re: [propel] Adding Class Typing to Objects hlellelid Hans Lellelid 2004-04-13 07:07:38 PDT
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